Žabarski Continental Carnival

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Project Description

International Continental Carnival (Međunarodni žabarski kontinentalni karneval)

The International Continental Carnival is the first continental carnival initiated by the Masquerade Association “Žaba” (frog) from Ivanić-Grad under the auspices of the City and the Tourist Board. The carnival is visited by 30 to 50 guest carnival groups from throughout Croatia and guest groups from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Each year, more than 500 carnival participants walk the city streets in the afternoon and make a presentation in front of the stage put up on V. Nazor Square, followed by a concert of famous artists who continue to entertain the crowds late into the night.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

Contact Info

Moslavačka 11 Ivanić-Grad, Zagrebačka, Croatia

Phone: 01 2881 591