ŠkrletOVO manifestation

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Project Description


ŠkrletOVO is a new manifestation held in April or May, organized by the Škrlet Association and the Tourist Board of Ivanić-Grad, under the city’s auspices for the purpose of promoting the indigenous wine variety from Moslavina called škrlet.

The ŠkrletOVO Party is a place where producers present their best škrlet wines, and other wines of their own production. Through wine tasting, conversations and socialization with the producers, visitors are given the ideal opportunity to get better acquainted with this indigenous variety and at the same time have a home-made bite of the white sausage (bela kobasa), pumpkin strudel (bučnica), pumpkin seed oil and listen to good music. The eight winemakers from Moslavina who join forces to improve the quality and distinctiveness of the škrlet and its regiona of origin, Moslavina, are: Florijanović, Ilovčak, Jaram, Kezele, Miklaužić, Mikša, Trdenić and Voštinić-Klasnić.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

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Moslavačka 11 Ivanić-Grad, Zagrebačka, Croatia

Phone: 01 2881 591