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Project Description

Pumpkin festival in Ivanić-Grad

The best time to visit Ivanić-Grad is the third weekend in October when the merriest and best-attended (more than 20,000 visitors) traditional, tourist-economic and gastronomic manifestation called Bučijada (Pumpkin Festival) is held.

The heart of the manifestation is the fair where pumpkins, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin products and other eco-ethnic products are sold, and where more than 200 exhibitors (of which more than 40 are pumpkin seed oil exhibitors, 80 are family farms and app. 20 are eco family farms) present their products. As part of Bučijada, the Pumpkin Seed Oil Days are held, as well as an expert panel on the subject of pumpkin seed oil. During the manifestation, the city park and promenade become a place of inspiration for artists and creative people who put up their installations and sculptures inspired by the pumpkin.

The visitors, both the younger and older ones, can enjoy entertaining programs: riding the traditional pumpkin carriage and the pumpkin train, playing in playrooms and workshops for the youngest visitors, theatre shows, exhibitions, concerts, promotions, ethnic program portraying national traditions, and a rich gastronomic offer of pumpkin-based meals in restaurants and the gastronomic tent. The Bučijada ends with the announcement of the most successful exhibitors, the selection of the biggest, smallest and most original pumpkin, as well as the most beautifully decorated booth and the most beautiful installation and sculpture inspired by the pumpkin.

The cooking show in the gastro area/stage consists of workshops attended by chefs preparing various meals based on the pumpkin/squash/gourd and the products of family farms participating in the Bučijada fair. For this purpose, a tourist-excursion train line from Zagreb called Bučko Express is introduced. The manifestation is organized by the Tourist Board of Ivanić-Grad in cooperation with the City and all the public institutions, associations, as well as hotel and restaurant owners.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

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