Oldtimer Rally Ivanić-Grad

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Project Description

Ivanić-Grad Old-Timer Rally

On every last Sunday in August, the traditional Old-Timer Rally, organized by the Old-Timer Club from Ivanić- Grad, is held. Before the rally begins, starting from early morning, citizens and numerous visitors can enjoy the exhibition of elderly cars on the V. Nazor Square, in the city centre. The exhibition is hosted by some 100 car and motorcycle drivers. After the exhibition, at 11:00, the rally starts. The vehicles travel the app. 50-km route from Ivanić-Grad, passing through Križ and Velika Ludina, all the way to Čazma and back to Ivanić-Grad where all the vehicles are again exhibited on the city square.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

Contact Info

Moslavačka 11 Ivanić-Grad, Zagrebačka, Croatia

Phone: 01 2881 591