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June in Ivanić-Grad

“June in Ivanić-Grad” is a traditional tourist-economic manifestation held at the beginning of June, which is also when the Day of the City of Ivanić-Grad (8 June) is celebrated.

It consists of several traditional manifestations and events held on the first and second weekend in June:
– Crafts Fair “Tradition, Gastronomy, Tourism” on the V. Nazor Square
– Otok Ivanić folklore review, procession through the city and the review in the big hall of the Open University
– International Continental Carnival, the carnival procession through the city streets, presentation on the V. Nazor Square

Throughout June, more than 40 events are held on the territory of Ivanić-Grad:
– The humanitarian five-a-side football tournament “Combating drugs with sport” on the Petek excursion
– Fish fair “War veterans’ for the city – don’t let it be forgotten” on the Zelenjak Sports Park
– International Kids’ Football Tournament
– Brent Association’s wine exhibition
– Competition in trap on the Topolje shooting range
– Cycling tour “Cycling the tourist routes – to health”
– Streetball on the V. Nazor Square
– Đuro Stjepan Dežalić Memorial
– The 10-km race “Ivanićka desetka”
– Concerts by famous artists
– Other sports, cultural, traditional, educational and entertaining programs on several locations

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

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