Johannesburg Fest

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Project Description

Johannesburg Fest

At the end of summer, in August, the Association “Veselje” from Ivanić-Grad, with the support of the City and the Tourist Board , organizes the Johannesburg Fest in the abandoned pool of the recently restored Zelenjak Sports Park (Pool).

The aim of the festival is the promotion of the alternative music scene and culture in general. Throughout the two days, numerous events are organized: chill/hangout/relaxed socialization, exhibition of the works created by the students of the Visual Arts Academy, music played by the Veselje’s DJ section, drawing of new graffiti in the old pool, and other workshops and animations. The evening program starts at 20:00 when famous and less famous bands and DJs perform. The concerts are accompanied by animations/visual content presented on 2 screens and 8 monitors.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

Contact Info

Moslavačka 11 Ivanić-Grad, Zagrebačka, Croatia

Phone: 01 2881 591