Cycling Race Memorijal Stjepan Grgac

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Project Description

International Road Cycling Race “Stjepan Grgac Memorial”

Every year since 1971, on the third weekend in August, in memory and honour of Stjepan Grgac from Ivanić- Grad, the Cycling Club “Ivanić” organizes the road cycling race “Stjepan Grgac Memorial” graded for the Croatia Cup. The first race had some twenty participants. It gradually grew into an international sports manifestation with more than 250 cyclists from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary. .. The Stjepan Grgac Memorial is regularly attended by the best cyclists – members of the Croatian and other national teams.

The route of the race is: Ivanić-Grad – Čazma – Dubrava – Bjelovar – Čazma – Ivanić-Grad. Cyclists compete in the following categories: seniors, juniors, cadets, beginners, veterans and women. Throughout these years, the roads of Ivanić-Grad and its vicinity saw more than 5,000 cyclists, participants of the Stjepan Grgac Memorial.

Manifestacije u Ivanić-Gradu

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