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Marča is a forest of high public value and functions, especially tourist and recreational, given that it is visited by many walkers, hikers and cyclists who freely enjoy this green oasis.

Society of Friends of Nature Ivanić-Grad

The Society of Friends of Nature Ivanić-Grad aim is to actively protect the environment and heritage, promote and popularise a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment and ecological norms.
The Society of Friends of Nature takes care of the Mountain House “Grabersko brdo” located at Ul. Grabersko brdo 142, Graberje Ivanićko. The house is accessible by an asphalt road, has water, gas and electricity, and has a bedroom in the attic, kitchen, living room, bathroom, outdoor toilet and a roofed terrace with a brick fireplace for food preparation. The mountain house is open and supplied (food and drink) by arrangement. Overnight stays (20 places) are also possible by appointment under mountaineering conditions. The seating capacity in the interior of the mountain house is 25 seats, and in the outdoor roofed part is 80 seats.
More about society and its activities at []

General information

The map is available for download in GeoTIFF and GeoPDF format. GPX tracks of routes and trails can be downloaded on this page or using QR-codes on the map and on the signposts. Use them with your favourite navigation app. The map and routes are also available free of charge in the Avenza.

Marča forest is an active hunting area with many wild animals like deers, wild boars, foxes, snakes, birds, insects, etc. Regular forestry and hunting activities are taking place. For the latest info on hiking trails, please visit

Some of the paths may be seasonable of low visibility due to vegetation or, especially after heavy rain, quite muddy. On some paths also wet marshes need to be crossed. Please be aware and make sure to take with you the necessary equipment for hiking in nature.

Take enough water, refreshment, insect repellent, sun/rain protection, map and camera.

In the late spring and summer it can be very hot. To protect from the sun take a hat or a cap. You should wear steady shoes because the paths are partially uneven, muddy and wet. When you come home, check yourself for ticks.

Protect the nature and yourself!

  • plan ahead and prepare
  • stay on the paths
  • don’t walk through private land and crops
  • don’t pick plants
  • leave what you find
  • don’t disturb the wildlife
  • don’t make a fire
  • take your trash with you


Hiking Trails

The route starts at the rural tourism “Kezele”, with a view to the east on Moslavina hills. It leads through vineyards to the hill “Đurino brdo”, where it enters the Marča forest. The path always stays on the ridge, and beautiful views open up to steep valleys and into the deep forest. Soon you come to a young forest on the left, replanted in 2012. Cutting and replanting trees is part of the usage of the Marča forest. At the crossing of forest tracks, continue left to the next hill, “Grabersko brdo”. It is worth taking a slight detour to the vinery “Voštinić Klasnić” with an open view to the south. The route continues through the village, and back into the forest on a macadam road, ending at the crossing with an asphalt road. The forest on the right and vineyards and orchards on the left, the road leads to the village and the next hill, “Trojičko brdo”. In the last part, you walk a road through very dense small vineyards and orchards with open views to the west. The tour comes to an end at the rural tourism “Klet Kunek – Stari Mlin”. On weekends, here you can enjoy a homemade meal and rest in the family farm’s peaceful valley.

The route starts at the mountain hut and leads up the hill “Grabersko brdo”. On the right side is the winery “Voštinić Klasnić” where you can taste “Škrlet”, the most famous autochthonic white wine of Moslavina region. Over a peaceful meadow and the hill “Deanovečko brdo” you enter “Petica”, one of Croatia’s first oil drilling areas. Here you can find an oil collecting facility and the first oil well of the region. Hidden in the forest, oil wells still drill the black gold. At the crossing two ways are available. Way “2a”: the route leads down the hill to the right. Then it turns to a field path to the left, from the open valley straight up to the main track. Way “2b”: the route leads left down to the valley. At the bottom, it is worth taking a slight detour right to see the modern type of oil well in action. Clinic Naftalan takes here the special oil for curing dermatological conditions. To continue, turn slightly left and enter a small forest path up the hill. Be aware that the visibility of this forest path might be seasonable low and the ground muddy. The forest path ends up on the hill “Đurino brdo” where it meets the main forest track. From there the route goes to the rural tourism “Kezele”. Here you can enjoy homemade food and wine with a beautiful view to the Moslavina hills.

The route starts at the mountain hut and goes uphill towards “Grabersko brdo”, passing the winery “Voštinić Klasnić” and leading straight into the Marča forest. The ridge on which the path is leading is a main watershed. The water on the eastern side ends in Česma river, and on the west side flows to Lonja river. During the walk through the woods, you can see different types of trees of different ages. Beech, oak and hornbeam are the most common, but many wild cherries can be found, too. The oldest part of the forest, next to the forest lodge “Jabuke” is 150 years old. Part of the route follows the educational trail of Croatian Forests, where you can learn more about the Marča forest. At the forest lodge “Jabuke”, you enter a forest path to the village Stara Marča, situated in the “centre” of Croatia, as the most distanced point from the closest Croatian borders. The closest borders are 65 km away, which due to the shape of Croatia, is the furthest you can get from them on land. On the weekends, at the estate “Stara Marča” you can refresh and rest from the walk.

The route starts and ends at the rural tourism “Kezele”. It begins at the crossing to the left and takes you through the vineyards into the Marča forest. You come to the hill Đurino brdo, up to where vineyards are already growing for centuries. In the forest, the route turns to the right down along the ridge. Steep valleys, formed by water, exchange with gentle hills. Reaching the lowlands, shortly before a bridge and connection to another track, the route turns to the right and continues as a forest path. Through light forest and along the swamp Sudarice the path opens to the picturesque lake. The route continues uphill to the right along the educational trail Marča back to “Kezele”. Info panels along the trail describe the area and the surrounding nature.

Next to the main and most attractive routes marked and described on the map, you can take a walk on the access roads to the main routes, too. These paved access roads go through settlements and show how local people shaped the space for their living. You will find “kleti” and vineyards, cottages and houses built with a variety of styles. A unique atmosphere is given by small wooden huts – “kleti” and their vineyards, some old and abandoned, while some renovated in traditional style, but with all comfort included.

Rural tourism Kezele, located on the hill on the southeastern edge of Marča forest, in the village Šumećani, has a beautiful panorama of Moslavina hills and the Česma valley. Located right next to the Marča forest, after about 100 meters, you enter the hilly parts of the forest, eroded by numerous “dumače” (deep forest ditches through which water flows).

Short route: Marča forest educational trail
Length: 2.4 km
Surface: macadam, forest path
Along the Marča forest educational trail, you descend into the valley to the artificial lake Sudarice, surrounded by a swamp. on the information boards you can learn about the forest’s flora and fauna and the coexistence of humans and nature in the area throughout history.

Long route: Kezele – Đurino brdo – Sudarice – Kezele
Length: 6.4 km
Surface: macadam, forest path
To explore the broader area of this part of the forest, take the macadam road along the vineyards towards Đurino brdo. Pass the hill on the left and turn right to the first forest macadam. Before descending into the valley, turn right along the ridge to lake Sudarice. Through light forest and along the swamp, the route continues back to the macadam in the valley, turns to the right and then enters again in the woods (small path). You come back to the lake, turn to the left, and walk through the forest and up the hill shortly after it. The route continues as a small forest path along the ridge until it ends at the road to Kezele.

Klet Kunek “Stari mlin” is located in a peaceful valley close to the small town Kloštar Ivanić on the outskirts of Marča forest. It is surrounded by small vineyards and orchards, narrow roads, old wooden and more recently built cottages (klet). Kloštar Ivanić, with its cultural heritage, is within walking distance.

Route: “Stari mlin” – Kloštar Ivanić – “Stari mlin”
Length: 4.0 km
Surface: asphalt, macadam

The route starts at “Stari mlin” and leads along the road towards Kloštar Ivanić. Short before the roundabout, it climbs to the left and then follows straight to the ridge of the hill. On the way, you have a beautiful panoramic view of Kloštar Ivanić with its two churches St. John the Baptist and St. Mary, both accompanied by monasteries. The route leads down to the main road and continues right to the town centre. Kloštar Ivanić was mentioned for the first time as a possession of the bishops of Zagreb in the year 1094. St. Mary church, built in 1226, is one of the first churches devoted to the virgin Mary. The church of St. John the Baptist was built at the beginning of the 16th century. Its tower was selected in 1850 as the origin point of the cadastral survey in Croatia. Next to it is an old Franciscan pharmacy (1670) and an old well in the town centre. Along the road, the route continues back to “Stari mlin”.
Alternatively, instead of going straight to the ridge down the hill next to Kloštar Ivanić, take a left detour route down to the nice valley and the main road (4.4 km).

Estate “Stara Marča” lies at the foot of the Marča hills and the village Stara Marča. To the northeast, the lowlands of the river Glogovnica are situated.

Short route: “Stara Marča” – Chapels – “Stara Marča”

Length: 1.8 km
Surface: asphalt, forest path, macadam
The route starts at the lake of estate “Stara Marča” on a narrow and steep path that leads up into the forest. On top of the hill, the route turns left along the ridge with steep slopes on the left. At the crossing, the view opens to the northeast. The route turns to the left and leads back down the hill. After a few hundred meters, a macadam road turns right up the hill to the chapels. Here you can enjoy a beautiful panorama to the north. The route ends on the road back to the estate “Stara Marča”.

Duga ruta: Long route: “Stara Marča” – Chapels – Malažije – Forest lodge “Jabuke” – Village – “Stara Marča”

Length: 5.6 km
Surface: asphalt, forest path, macadam
The route starts in front of “Stara Marča” on the asphalt road up to the forest. After a few hundred meters, make a detour to the left to see the chapels and enjoy the view. The route continues to the woods and, on top of the hill, turns right. A forest path leads next to a small private house further through the forest. At the main macadam road, make a detour to the forest lodge “Jabuke”. Back on the main macadam road is a small path to the right, leading to the village. A short round trip through the vineyards brings you to the church with the old graveyard. An asphalt road leads down the hill back to the estate “Stara Marča”.

Winery “Voštinić Klasnić” is situated at the southern hillsides of Marča forest with a beautiful view to the south. Close to the winery is an entrance to the heart of Marča forest.

Ruta: Route: Grabersko brdo – Deanovečko brdo – Petica – Đurino brdo – Križni hrast – Grabersko brdo
Length: 6.3 km
Surface: macadam, forest path, asphalt
The roundtrip starts at the ramp on the forest road in Grabersko brdo, where you can also leave your car on the side (no official parking). The route turns right along an open meadow with lovely views. The path ends on an asphalt road in Deanovečko brdo, where you turn to the left. At the next crossing to the left, you enter Petica hill where oil is drilled since 1898 and still provides oil for dermatological clinic Naftalan. Macadam road to the left leads down the hill. After keeping left at the crossing in the valley, a small forest path to the right goes straight up to Đurino brdo. The route leads next to a few houses and to the main forest macadam, where it turns left. On the following three crossings, keep to the left and follow the forest macadam road back to Grabersko brdo.

“Ladanj kod strica” is situated southwest of Marča forest in the village Sobočani, surrounded by soft hills and farmlands.

Short route: “Ladanj” – Kod sv. Duha – “Ladanj”
Length: 2.5 km
Surface: asphalt, field path, macadam
The route starts at “Ladanj kod strica” and leads down the main road. Soon after the church, turn to the left on a grassy path. The way leads down a picturesque valley. Next to two small lakes, turn to the left. The trail goes uphill through open fields with lovely views of the area and ends at “Ladanj kod strica”. Alternative is to take the second road after the church to the left and follow the asphalt road on the ridge down to the valley (2.7 km).

Long route: Sobočani – Belauša – Stankovac – Grabersko brdo – Sobočani
Length: 6.1 km
Surface: asphalt, forest path, macadam
Start from the centre of Sobočani, and behind the bus station, turn to the right and follow the small road until you come to an oil well where a path leads down in the forest. Down in the valley, directly behind the bridge, turn to the left and walk along the woods and fields. Soon turn to the right and walk up to Stankovac to an asphalt road towards Grabersko brdo. In Grabersko brdo, next to the small chapel, the route turns to the left and shortly after slightly to the right on a small village road with a few houses. After the last house the road turns into a forest path and leads down the hill through the deep forest. In the valley the path climbs up again to the road. Macadam road leads through the forest. At the end of the macadam you come again to the main asphalt road where you turn to the left and go to the village Sobočani and start.

Route: Roundtrip in the middle of Marča forest
DuLength: 6.6 km
Surface: macadam
The educational trail of the Croatian Forests is an interactive exploration of the forest. The route leads you through the heart of the Marča forest, and the only building next to it is forest lodge “Jabuke”. Along the trail, you can find poles with QR-codes. Take your mobile with you to scan QR-codes which will link you automatically to the website with all interesting information about this forest.
The forest unit Marča includes about 2,300 ha of forests and forest lands. This unit is managed by Hrvatske šume d.o.o., Forest Administration Branch Zagreb, Forestry Novoselec. Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) and hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) are the most common species. About twenty more forest tree species have been recorded, which shows the biodiversity of forests in this area. Shrub species such as elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.), hazel (Corylus avellana L.), hawthorn (Cornus sanguinea L.) and many others predominantly overgrow forest edges. Of the wild animals, we can most often encounter roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.), rabbit (Lepus europaeus P.) and wild boar (Sus scrofa L.), as well as numerous bird species. All plants and animals, together with the habitat in which they live, form a harmonious forest ecosystem.
Marča is a forest of high public value and functions, especially tourist and recreational, given that it is visited by many walkers, hikers and cyclists who freely enjoy this green oasis.

Rural Tourism

Address: Vinogradska 6, Šumećani, HR-10313 Graberje Ivanićko
Contact:, +385 1 282 0496, +385 1 288 9900, +385 91 282 0496
Working hours: every day from 10 am to 10 pm

Welcome to the meeting place of good people, great food and fine wine!

Welcome to the meeting place of good people, great food and fine wine!
This is the place where we cherish rural antiquities and recipes of our ancestors, where we grow our own food to serve it on the plates of our guests and friends.
The Kezele family founded this rural tourism on the tradition of winemaking and preparing ‘kotlo-vina’ meals. The estate showcases furnished wood-en houses around 100 years old, where you can enjoy homemade cuisine and wines from our very own cellar. The experience of an authentic rural farm is rounded off by a scenic view of vineyards, a barn with domestic animals and an ethnographic collection with remarkable antiquities.
The estate has something for every visitor. Wine lovers will visit the cellar and meet the autochthonous Moslavina grape variety “škrlet”. Children will fall in love with the playground and the regional breed of horses, while active visitors will walk or cycle through the woods to the lake.

Address: VIII. Vinogradski odvojak 3, HR-10312 Kloštar Ivanić
Contact:, +385 99 845 1764, +385 91 2882 108, +385 91 573 7060
Working hours: FRI, SAT 10 am to 11 pm, SUN 10 am to 9 pm, TUE, WED, THU by appointment

Feel the magic of the Moslavina region in the peace-ful surroundings of vineyards and gentle hills.

In the heart of Moslavina, away from the city noise and daily routine, find an oasis of local cuisine in our peaceful place. Here are the restaurant and dining hall, houses and bungalows to accommodate guests, the stable with animals and a mill, which is actually an ‘exhibition specimen’, reminding past times for guests.

Every corner is enlivened with the touch of antiquity by numerous household items made by the hands of ancestors. And the scents are unsurpassed – real homemade ones coming from a pot, skewer, cauldron, oven, vineyard or nearby forest. They change from day to day, from month to month, from season to season – all according to the natural order and laws – what is grown in the garden and yard or ripens in nature – it fills the menu. When you want to have a memorable time with family and friends, away from everyday worries, we will give you real fun and joy with our Moslavina dishes, wines and liqueurs.

Address: Đure Žugaja 10, Stara Marča, HR-10312 Kloštar Ivanić
Contact: +385 99 267 4385
Working hours: SAT, SUN 10 am to 7 pm

Beautiful estate at the end of the village, right next to the Marča forest, will give you absolute pleasure and rest.

Only 45 minutes drive from Zagreb and 15 minutes from the Petek Sports Park, you come to heaven on earth – Stara Marča. An ideal place for outdoor weddings, celebrations and team building activities. In addition to delicious food and drinks, there is a paintball court built of natural materials for a true adventure.
Stara Marča has a rich history. In the early 14th century, Dominicans had their monastery here. In 1611, the first Greek Catholic bishop of Marča, Simeon Vratanja, signed in Rome the establishment of Greek Catholics in Croatia and beyond, with its seat in Marča. Greek Catholics were expelled from Marča in 1735. In 1755, Maria Theresa gave Marča to the Piarist monks. In 1925, the Serbian Orthodox Church built a chapel here, which is still there today. Greek Catholics, led by Bishop Nikola Kekić, in 2012 built the chapel of St. Michael the Archangel..

Address: Grabersko brdo 226, HR-10313 Graberje Ivanićko
Contact:, +385 98 822 095
Wine selling: MON–SAT from 9 am to 5 pm. Wine tasting and events: by appointment.

Smell, taste, image or sound. A moment of inspiration or a sensation for a memory. Our wine is just an expression of nature. The point is in the creation.

We are located on a hill above Ivanić-Grad. In the place where the old cellar used to be, today we have a modern winery surrounded by vineyards and orch-ards, a combination of authentic and contemporary.
From forgotten autochthonic grapes, we make a top wine with global potential. Our wines are inspired by nature, floral scents, fruity flavours and the morning sun above the vineyards. In the winery, we often organize social events, exhibitions, music events and various creative workshops.
The winery feeds us with small things and fresh ideas. Modern cellars allow us to experiment, break prejudices and push the boundaries of traditional winemaking.
We have been engaged in winemaking since 1936, when our great-grandfather planted the first “škrlet” vines here. Today, that same vineyard covers an area of 3.5 hectares.

Address: Vinogradska ul. 12, Sobočani, HR-10312 Kloštar Ivanić
Contact:, +385 98 2045 22 (Sanja)
Working hours: by appointment

“Rural tourism “Ladanj kod strica” is pleased to offer you a great variety of local and autochthonic dishes and drinks.
With us, you can enjoy the untouched nature, relax from everyday stress and rest in the peaceful atmosphere of our household. In addition to a large selection of dishes, we can also offer you the opportunity of horseback riding, a perfect way to at least briefly forget your daily worries and relax. Next to horseback riding, you can take a walk on our property or relax with the chirping of birds in our forest.
The history of the estate dates back to 1887. We are proud of the original building from that time which has been recently completely restored. Throughout that century and a half, the estate went through different phases and functions, with different buildings on it, from the house, the barn, to the whole family farm. Today we can proudly present you with a catering facility established and built with a lot of love and attention.

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