Ivanić-Grad Museum

Located at the site of the former town school in the city’s central park, it has been open since April 2016. The goal of the museum’s themed exhibitions and its small gallery-resembling venue is to present interesting facts from the region’s cultural, historical and natural heritage as well as modern creations and culture of both the city and its wider surrounding area.

Working hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday: 11.00 am until 13.00 pm
Thursday and Friday: 18.00 pm until 20.00 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am until 13.00 pm

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Ivanić-Grad Museum

Park hrvatskih branitelja 6, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
T +385 1 484 05 90
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Traditional “čardak” house

The house is situated in the vicinity of the Naftalan Special Hospital. Its interior has been adapted for the purpose of keeping and showing the ethnographic treasures of Ivanić-Grad and its surrounding area. The lower floor has been turned into workspace for the traditional craft and family workshops from Ivanić-Grad and the neighbouring area, preserving the features of a “čardak” house’s original purpose.

The library was founded as an Ivanić-Grad reading room in 1877. It holds a valuable collection of old books and magazines as well as records of the library’s operation from the date it was founded to this day.


Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday-   9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Town Hall

The town hall is one the oldest and, architecturally speaking, most valuable buildings in Ivanić-Grad, located in the Croatian Veterans Park. The town hall’s renovation and remodelling were completed in 2011. The town’s coat of arms dating back to 1889 has been put up above the entrance door.

City Park – Croatian Veterans Park

The park was developed at a site of the old fortress after its earthen ramparts had been knocked down. It was built on the basis of a special design and under the supervision of a botanic professor Viteslav Durhanek, in the tradition of the English park landscape. In 1997 Slavomir Drinković, an academic sculptor, built a memorial monument to Croatian war veterans from the Otok Ivanić region who had died during the Croatian War of Independence. Typical 19 th century buildings are located in the centre of the city park: Town hall and the Parish church of St Peter the Apostle.


The Parish church of St Peter was completed in 1831. It is heavily adorned with frescoes (painted by Leonardo Marotti) dating from the late baroque period. The church has an organ with 14 ranks from 1909. An English style park was landscaped around the church at the end of the last century. A monument was put up at the church entrance in 1925, celebrating the 1000 th anniversary of the Kingdom of Croatia.

The church was completed in 1815. It holds a substantial collection of linen materials placed on the altar which were crafted and donated by the parishioners.

The church is located close to the River Sava. It was the first stone church in the parish founded in 1789, and as such, the Church of St Nicholas is the oldest church in the Ivanić-Grad surrounding area. The church was renovated in 1880.

Galleries, Ateliers, Collections

Public Open University’s Gallery
Moslavačka 11, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
Tel. +385 1 28 81 688

Nika Gallery
Milke Trnine 9e, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
Tel. +385 1 28 81 991

Bahlen Gallery
Maznica bb, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
Tel. +385 1 28 89 089

Atelier Art
Lidija Lovreković
Ulica kralja Tomislava 27, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
Mobile +385 98 56 85 28

Atelier Ožetski
Predavčeva 5, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
Mobile +385 91 28 00 333

Kezele Ethnographic Collection

The Kezele family has not only preserved its family antiques, but has also been constantly adding new items to its collection ever since its beginnings in rural tourism. The farm has 5 old houses from 1880, 1910, 1922, 1930 and 1936, 2 old barns from the 1930s and a corn crib. The agricultural tools 6 include old ploughs, plough carriages, harrows, wine presses and household items such as pots, grinders, irons, lanterns etc. 5 000 items are on display in the barn, shed, restaurant, courtyard and sleeping rooms.

Kezele Family Farm
Vinogradska 6, Šumećani, 10313 Graberje Ivanićko
Tel. +385 1 28 20 496, +385 1 28 89 900
Mobile +385 91 28 20 496

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