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Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad

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Old crafts


Manufacture of strapped softsoled footwear called opanci and other leather products has been a tradition in the family Kruh Vuk since the beginning of the 20th century. Grandpa Slavko opened his craft in Ivanić-Grad and his son Josip succeeded him. Today, it is the business of the whole family.

Within the family traditional production (solely upon order), they make footwear for the culture and art ensembles in the country and, even more, abroad. Besides opanci, they make other traditional leather products for folk costumes, boots, belts.

In recent days, they have developed cooperation with fashion industry according to the ideas of fashion designers.

Kruh Vuk d.o.o.
Ivan Kruh Vuk, Ulica ruža 62, 10310 Ivanić Grad
Tel.: +385 1 2881 449