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Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad

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The accommodation capacities in the area of Ivanić-Grad

In the area of Ivanić-Grad you can find the accommodation in the following accommodation facilities:

In the city center, Trg Vladimira Nazora, there is a Boarding house & Restaurant Ivanićanka. The boarding house Ivanićanka offers 9 modernly decorated rooms. Each room is air conditioned and has a TV / SAT, a shower, a toilet, a telephone and a balcony overlooking  the city park and the square. Guests have 24 hours free internet access and a car parking. The restaurant has a capacity of 350 seats in three spacious halls. The restaurant offers daily prepared fresh meals or dishes a la carte. More on

On the excursion site Petek there is a Hotel Sport, which has 20 modernly equipped and furnished smart rooms and 3 suites, the total accommodation capacity of 56 beds. In addition to the hotel accommodation, you can use the wellness center that includes a 2 storey-gym, saunas, a relax zone, an indoor swimming pool; a beauty salon, the Body Creator center; a hairdresser and a conference hall whose area covers 400 m2. The exterior of the Hotel offers plenty of  sporting activities – an outdoor pool, 3 tennis courts, a football field, a sand playground (handball and volleyball); a balloon with a polyvalent base; playground for children. On the excursion site near the hotel there is a restaurant Garfield and a newly opened wine shop. More on

In Agrotourism Kezele in Šumećani, distanced only 8 km from Ivanić-Grad, you can spend the night enjoying the tranquility of nature and the countryside. Rooms are decorated in ethno style and marked with three stars (TV and air condition). Agrotourism offers single, double, triple and four-bedded rooms in traditional wooden houses and objects with a total of 30 beds, and a holiday house which has a large living room with a fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, its own kitchen and a terrace with a view. Besides a good homemade cuisine and quality wines and liqueurs, there are numerous activities for spending an active holiday in the countryside. More on

Holiday house Goić is located in Šumećani on the main road near the Agrotourism Kezele. Newly renovated traditional wooden house with a beautifully landscaped courtyard has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom

Naftalan, Special hospital for medical rehabilitation has a total of 137 beds, from which 26 beds are of a higher hotel standard, placed in the new part of Naftalan on the sixth floor, air-conditioned, equipped with a satellite TV, telephone and wireless internet. Each floor features an equipped living room for relaxation, and when the weather is nice the guests can use the sunbathing area. The ground floor includes a coffee bar, and on the fifth floor there is a restaurant for the guests and the patients of Naftalan. More on

In total, the registered accommodation facilities in the area of Ivanić-Grad have  a capacity of 252 beds.