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Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad

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Events – Christmas in Ivanić 2009

New Year’s Eve at Maznica market

Christmas concert of Culture and Art Societies of Ivanić and their guests

St. John’s Day concert of the Brass Band

Celebration of 90 years of football in Ivanić

Christmas fair, Moslavačka ulica

Live Nativity Scene of the Insula Ivanich Ensemble

Christmas exhibition of Forma 2000

Christmas program of Elementary School Đuro Deželić

Concert „Christmas fairytale“with guest Radojka Šverko

Decorating the Christmas tree at Vladimir Nazor Square

Exhibition of painting of V. Šaina in Open Atelier

St. Nicholas, concert of children groups in Dubrovčak Lijevi

Veronika and Natalija Jarec and young musicians in concert

Painting Exhibition of 3 artists in Ivanić-Grad

Žerka supertalent, humanitarian programme of Elementary School Stjepan Basariček

Show Christmas games of the kindergarten Ivanić

Christmas Fair 12.12.2009 in Moslavačka street