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Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad

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Welcome to web pages of Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad

Welcome to the official site of Tourist Board City of Ivanić-Grad. We hope that this short virtual tour of our City will provide you with useful and interesting information which will motivate you to come and visit Ivanić-Grad. We are looking forward to your visit!

Cultural heritage

YESTERDAY – Island of Ivanić (Insula Ivanich) is first mentioned in the charter of Croatian and Hungarian king Saint Ladislaus dating from 1093. By means of the charter, the King acknowledges the bestowal of the Island of Ivanić for allowance to the Bishops of Kaptol in Zagreb.

TODAY – Its natural beauties and historic monuments attract more and more tourists and visitors. Among others, they enjoy the benefits of home cooking and a glass of excellent wine. Those who enjoy sports and recreation can relax while walking or cycling across the slopes of Moslavina, picking of mushroom and other forest fruit, and hunters and anglers can find something to do for themselves as well. On hunting grounds, on the total surface of 5000 hectares, there are several hunting lodges, while some of them offer overnight accommodation.

TOMORROW - The entire region hides great opportunities for the development of country tourism, which is the basis for tourist plans and development in the next period.

What is Ivanić proud of?


Main section - Parish church of St. Peter was completed in 1831 in late baroque style.
First addition - At the end of the last century, the park around the church was arranged in the style of English park architecture.
Second addition - In 1925, a monument was built in front of the church entry, celebrating the 1000th anniversary of Croatian kingdom.


A valuable monument with coat of arms above the door dating from 1889.


In 1982, one of the oldest voluntary fire-fighting societies was established in Ivanić, home town of the pioneer of Croatian fire-fighting, Đuro Deželić.


In Ivanić, active societies are: Vocal Ensemble Milka Trnina, Culture and Art Society “Ogranak seljačke sloge”, Posavski Bregi, Culture and Art Society “Posavac” Dubrovčak Lijevi/Topolje, Culture and Art Society “Đuro Kundek” Caginec, Brass Band of the Culture and Art Society “Posavac” , Male Chamber Choir “Posavac”, Free Artists Association “Forma 2000””, Vocal and Instrumental Band “Pelister”.


There have been many active sports associations and clubs in Ivanić for almost entire century, and long tradition and envious results have been achieved in football, handball, cycling, basketball, archery and karate.


Ivanić Carnival in February, Days of the City and Flax Days in June, International Cycling Race Stjepan Grgac Memorial in August, Pumpkin Festival “Bučijada” in October, Croatian Male Singing Choirs Festival in November, and other cultural, entertainment and sports events are being organized.


Educational and cultural tradition is today continued by two elementary and one secondary school and the Open University with various cultural and art programmes and a library.
First elementary school was founded in Ivanić-Grad in 1750, and its official title was “Communal Elementary School”, and in 1877 a library named “Citizens Library”, which is one of the oldest cultural institutions of the kind in Croatia.


In Ivanić-Grad, guest can enjoy in a modern equipped movie theatre, weekly and monthly cultural and entertainment shows which are held at Cultural Centre , also, there are sports hall, football courts, handball courts, tennis courts, automated four-lane bowling alley and a shooting range in Topolje.